The story of our beer

Shortly after Bobo graduated he opened his own fitness centre. Soon after, however, he became fascinated by the world of beer and converted the fitness centre into a pub.

At this time in South Tyrol, and even in Italy as a whole, you couldn’t find many types of beer other than the industrially-produced ones which all taste the same.

For this reason, Bobo travelled around the world and found breweries in Dublin, Hamburg and Brussels which produced fantastic craft beers. He was inspired by these beers and soon he opened his own small brewery in Bozen.

In the beginning he produced very simple unfiltered beers, which soon became a sensation. After several years, it was clear that the brewery had become too small and so Bobo established a new and better furnished one in a 600-year-old inn.

Here he was able to follow his dream of brewing inventive beer creations and building a distribution network together with friends.

For their first beer he and his brew master and son-in-law, Pitsch, researched the South Tyrolean history of brewing and found the Vienna Lager, which was once very popular in the region.

This amber beer thus became the brewery’s first craft brew, called Batzen Bräu. The name was chosen by Bobo, because the inn where the brewery is located has been named after an ancient coin, the “Batzen”, for centuries.

Subsequently Bobo and Pitsch found other recipes, such as one for a Porter, brewed by a Jewish family who were owners of a long-ago closed brewery in a nearby village.

This beer was included in the brewing program and soon became very popular.

Today we at Batzen Bräu brew many different craft beers from the strong Bock or Barley Wine, to dry hopped and barrel matured beers; everything a beer lover could wish for!

After just one year on the market Batzen Bräu was awarded the first gold medal for a South Tyrolean brewery in the European Beer Star, the most important tasting competition in Europe.

Batzen Bräu brews 2000 hl of beer a year, and production will be raised to 5000 hl in the future.

A total of 40 highly motivated people work in the brewery and inn, and we are all extremely proud of our unfiltered deliciously tasting beers which we create and serve with passion.

We are dedicated to continuing to create mouth-watering beers to please our friends and clients- for the joy of beer!


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